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It should be noted that these disadvantages of inline elements are quite natural for mobile devices, and they can easily compensate for connecting external components (monitor, keyboard, mouse), but this increases the final cost of the laptop and slightly reduces the mobility of a laptop. The increased likelihood of failure. Another ode to the problem of mobility generates a laptop, which is also sometimes will wear in the disadvantages of portable computers – A large chance of breakage compared to the PC. Laptops usually drop them. There is a chance to break the notebook display when you close the lid (if the keyboard and the display gets a foreign object). If you pour the laptop keyboard any liquid (eg cola), it is likely out of the laptop down (while in a desktop computer failure will only keyboard). However, the chance of breakage Secure Notebooks are usually much lower than that of desktop computers and is comparable to industrial computers. Desktop computer.

Pros Cheaper than a laptop. A fully equipped desktop computer (complete with monitor, input devices (mouse and keyboard) and sound system) is equal to the cost of the laptop will be more productive. High performance. In desktop computers have no problem with the size of so they can at any filling. Therefore, the power of desktop PC any demanding task such as computer games, three-dimensional modeling and design, rendering, engineering analysis, etc. Topics more from a PC, as opposed to a laptop is almost no limit to the upgrade. Cheaper repair. In the desktop much easier to replace a failed motherboard or much simpler and cheaper to buy and replace the monitor or keyboard.

The laptop would cost several times more expensive. Assembling the system unit to your specifications. A desktop computer can collect yourself. Or you assemble it to experts to your needs. Nothing more. It is thus possible reduce the cost of the computer. Choose your operating system, etc. In a notebook to change the operating system is not easy, sometimes impossible. Cons Do not Moves mobility desktop computer to another room / office is often a problem, not to mention moving to another city. Mandatory connection to external devices. Such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected separately. It is not possible battery life. A desktop computer can operate autonomously very short time and only with UPS. And it is also a separate unit. And it is desirable to install, unless of course you love your computer. Now, comparing the pros and cons you can easily determine the choice between a mobile, compact laptop, or cumbersome, but powerful desktop computer. Many counselors, but the choice is yours! Related articles topic: What are the laptops? Online Shop –