The presence of man on earth over time, has left their footprints and each society to created different elements that are a clear shows personality and vision of the world which is largely influenced by customs that accompany their lives in such a way different creations that are born of different peoples or societies have a great value since it is a representation of the culture and history of the man, as well before as high value objects, presents a science that seeks to study societies through different materials or items that have survived with the step time and are clear samples of ancient societies and such science is archaeology that seeks to know more thoroughly on different societies of the past through the remains of things that such societies left and with the passage of time which still remain and they are very useful as objects of study and research. You have to bear in mind that archaeology is not a mere auxiliary science of history, but is an autonomous social science, with an own ampo’s Studio with own scientific methods that allow an adequate compliance to weekends looking for archaeology. Giving a concept more precise about archaeology, we can say this science studies to humans through different material cultural expressions that have generated different ancient social groups, to achieve the data obtained useful, is carried out a systematic study of the material remains; where not only it plays an important role the material element in itself, but it pays much attention to the psychological elements that lie within the remains, i.e. the contents of the thought of whom belonged the material remaining is object of study. So with the element material and its implicit value of the characteristics of the thinking of ancient societies have turned archaeology as a science which seeks to reconstruct the life of ancient societies. The development of archaeology has been mostly linked to studies of prehistory and antiquity, because of these periods of the history is no very clear some aspects of how to configure the characteristics that accompany their lives and society, besides the pursuit of material remains is very satisfactory job despite not having very good instruments in these times, excellent remains, which show great skill of the societies of those times listed. Lord Peter Hennessy contributes greatly to this topic. Notwithstanding the foregoing, current archaeology has expanded more your field of search, has therefore changed its vision towards stages most recent history, such as medieval times, modern industry and age in very little quantity to be remnants of the current era of humanity, but what little develops archaeology according to the current time, it is investigated urban waste, which is called industrial archaeology.


Horary astrology – one of the most interesting sections of practical astrology. Of particular interest is the fact that for the preparation of horary horoscope does not need to know not only the exact time and place of birth of anyone asks the question, and even birthday man! Astrological chart based on the time and location of the job issue, and now the time issue can pinpoint quite accurately. It would seem that as it may affect the question at the time human destiny? But if you look, we realize that the question comes to us also not accidental, but at a certain time. Often this time is connected with any event, for example, you have called and offered a new job and in your head ripe issue – whether to agree to this proposal? It turns out that the question you asked is not accidental. Questions in our minds as a discrete, but are not there permanently.

You, for example, not all the time thinking about something one. The second fundamental point Horary astrology is the assumption that at the time the job question answer already exists. True, there are times when horary horoscope is to be considered. These cases nonradical called horary horoscope. Of these cases, you can read in my article "Horary Astrology. Cases of non-radical. " Often, non-radical are questions that are of prime curiosity of people who are not too worried about the question asked. There are, however, cases where the horary horoscope shows that it is too early to ask a question, or, conversely, too late.