Weapons Handling

The weapons-handling and recognition is also important. Get some practice at a firing range. Anti-shooting should be the preferred method of training. Having graduated from a school of personal protection, take some classes in business administration and sales. What good is all the knowledge above, if you can not get a contract or to maintain a good sound business? Remember that a positive attitude is the key to all success! No one has been saying year I can! The same applies to the profession? a “can do” approach to the job, and customers know it. This is also true when it comes to staying alive in general. If you fail the first objective of a specialist in personal protection: to avoid a confrontation with an opponent, the fight to win! Do not stop thinking about it, just fight hard. Before you go ahead and start glorious career is better to clarify things with your family.

You will see that a lesser amount than it ever did. Although the group is probably far and so strong you do not have enough energy to call home. But it is a work out. One day he can drive around with a CEO, ensuring that none of the former employees who are attacking it. The day after you have to go to Aruba, while protecting an actor and after a week of sun is back in his hometown, the protection of a battered woman to testify against his former spouse psychotic. Or you can join the crew in the Middle East protecting corporate executives against mujahideen or the Taliban. There are many possibilities.

That is, if you can stay focused and keep training and learning while seeking contracts. You can spend $ 2,500 in training bodyguards easy, $ 500 in first aid and FDI courses and $ 500 in firearms training. It is expensive to start a career, so it has to be the ultimate motivation. Oh, by the way, when you have done all this, send me an email your resume! Henrik Bramsborg is the managing director of Safety and Security Bramsborg, a security company based in Denmark. Henrik is a stalking – and a specialist in surveillance detection and the author of several books Danish safety. Henrik is also an instructor with experience in personal protection, having trained NATO S-For forces, police, officials from correctional institutions and private bodyguards. She has a degree of management and is also the motivation of a certified instructor. Bramsborg Safety, Security and have been cited or profiled in several Danish media as the “harassment Danish experts.”