Surrealistic Artists

Surrealist Max Ernst, Salvador Dali and others, use color as a means to realize its picturesque ‘Unreal images. ” With regard to tashistov, they were ‘wicked’ in terms of both color and shape. Development of the chemistry of paints, fashion and color pictures caused a general widespread interest in color, and color sense in many people significant thinning. However, contemporary interest in color is almost entirely visual material in nature and ignores the meaningful and spiritual experiences. This surface, the outer game of metaphysical forces. Color, they radiated power, energy, affect us positively or negatively, regardless because we realize it or not. Old masters who created the stained glass, used color to create the ethereal, mystical atmosphere, and meditation, praying, carrying them into the world of spiritual reality.

Color, indeed, must be experienced not only visually, but psychologically and symbolically. The nature of color can be studied from different perspectives. Physicists investigate energy electromagnetic waves or the essence of light particles that carry light, the color features of the phenomenon, in particular, the expansion of white at its prismatic dispersal, problems of hull color. They study a mixture of colored light, the spectra of different elements, frequency and length of different color waves. Measurement and classification of colors also belong to the field of physical research. Chemists study the molecular the constitution of non-ferrous materials or pigments, the problem of their strength and fading, solvents, binders and the manufacture of synthetic dyes. Currently, chemical paint covers an extremely broad industrial research and production.