Marathon Ras

FIGURE 2 Usually when welding thin-sheet products for the thickness of the sheet and reduce the diameter solid welding wire. Only very few manufacturers have adopted a different approach to welding thin-sheet products – in the thickness of the sheet instead of reducing the diameter of solid wire used powder wire. The new technology uses robots for welding and powder wire diameter of 1,4 mm. Mark worked for robotic welding flux cored wire – ok Tubrod 14.11. It has excellent flow properties required for non-stop operation of welding robots. Arc extremely stable and, therefore, almost eliminates spatter. The peculiarity of this wire is the ability to weld at high values of welding current and low voltages of the arc.

These results were achieved as a result of targeted research. Figure 2 shows the weld brake pedal. When welding is used instead of solid wire cored wire ok Tubrod 14.11. As a result, the duty cycle welding decreased by 31%. Most welders are aware that the price of kilo of powder wire around four times the price of kilo solid wire. However, due to increased productivity, the price of one product fell by 11%. The use of cored wire in this case not only significantly reduced cost of manufacturing products, but also improved the quality of welding and significantly reduce splashing.

figure 3 Reduction Cycle robotic welding of sheet products is enormous. This is especially important for vehicle factories and their suppliers seeking to increase productivity and stable quality. The introduction of new, more efficient welding materials is very important that they be used in the production chain. Otherwise you may appear weak areas, reducing overall productivity. Judicious change of welding technology throughout the production chain saves significant funds are invested. New Technologies Welding should be imposed where they are most effective. When welding products, as shown in Fig. 1, it was easy to identify activities that reduce the cost of manufacture. The cost of the welding robot and the cost of operator is 94% of the cost of robotic welding area. Given this figure, it is doubtful whether many hours of negotiations to reduce the price of welding materials for 5%, if this material reduces the production cost. That is why the use of more expensive cored wire ok Tubrod 14.11 profitable businesses – reduced production costs and increases productivity. The geometry of the seam ensures a smooth transition directed metal to base metal. Profile of foundering is wider and more stable, which reduces the dependence of the quality of the weld uneven gap junction. Significantly reduced the risk of welding defects and scrap. That – obvious savings. Reduced spraying leads to a reduction of stops associated with cleaning devices. In addition, at least 50% reduced the number of stops a robot for cleaning the gas nozzle. This is another factor influencing the duration of the welding cycle. It is also important to choose the right kind of packing wire. For solid wire – it certainly, Marathon Ras. There was also packing Jumbo Ras, accommodating 475 kg of wire. Should note that the application package Marathon Ras allows you to change the package without stopping the process of welding.