Original Presentation

Enfcate in its needs. After to have identified the needs of your public, you do a list of benefits that you could contribute to them by means of your presentation. It deals with ponerte in its shoes and determines what things interest to him, worry to him or they frustrate to him and structures your presentation around these points. For example, if you are going to make a presentation on the conservation of the water-bearing sources, something that surely it would worry to your public is how its monthly budget in prepared water purchase would be affected if the rivers are reduced. It begins and so it interests to them.

In the introduction of your presentation you must mention the problems that affect or they interest the public to him, this way when speaking of its needs and interests you will obtain its attention. Following the example previous you could give some data as which is the cost average monthly in water bottled consumption of a family and followed to do the following question and to say to them: how they think that it would affect you to them if this cost is increased by 10? , that is the reason for which we must apply measures to conserve the rivers. Hacer questions related to the interests, needs or benefits of the public is a good technique to catch its attention.