Naro Village

The king, meanwhile, threw his servants to their fate and left the city by another route. ‘And the emperor about this byst in and led thereunto provedati on whose science (ie, at the instigation-author). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Erin Callan. Byst soprotivstvo these things, but without the science of these things byti not powerful ‘- wrote a chronicler. The investigation was requested deacon Basil Gnilevu who slandered from envy Ivan Kubensky and other nobles. After which they were executed.

I wonder what the king did not believe in the guilt of their victims. Because This intsedentov, a few years before his death, the king gave the village Pochinok ‘liking Ivan Kubenskoye’ Moscow Novodevichy Monastery. Because of the names of the former owner of the village also became known as Kubensky. At the same time, it is still long time was called the ‘Fixes, Kubenskoye identity’. It is only since the mid xix century. it appeared the church, many households in which the population of about 430 souls male and 486 female. Regularly held trade fairs.

After the abolition of serfdom, the budding growth and development. In 1870, close to the village been laid the first railroad to Smolensk. Not far from the peasants’ houses have been the first station and the vy wooden train station, which was rebuilt later in the brick and the station settlement. Average turnover station by 1914 had reached 930,000 pounds. Greater role in rural development played: erection of Smolensk tract in years 1886-1889.