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Bachue, progenitor of humanity … The legend tells the story of a woman (Bachue) that emerged from the lagoon Iguaque accompanied by a child of three years. With the passage of time and once the baby had grown celebrated the marriage and populated the earth. When the world was populated, and them old, returned to the pond and plunged into the water leaving many lessons to the natives. In his place came two large snakes.

Bochica, being civilizing When mankind was plunged into disorder, first appeared in the east of the Sabana de Bogota, Paramo de Chingaza Bochica, a venerable old man with a long beard and hair white, dressed in a robe and in his hand a golden wand. Bochica preached and taught morality to the people of the savannah, they gave some moral precepts. The civilizing of the Indians taught to sow, to build houses and weaving of cotton and sisal, to bake the clay and making pots, how to calculate the time and determine the dates for planting and harvesting. At a time when the Sabana de Bogota was flooded because of chibchacun, god of waters, Bochica great chieftains invited to accompany him to the region of Tequendama. Once he went up on the rainbow and his staff hit the rocks giving vent to the water.

Thus was formed the Break Tequendama. As a punishment, ordered to pay chibchacun land on his shoulders. The Indians believed that when he got tired and changed the big stone shoulder tremors and earthquakes occurred. The legend of "El Dorado" Many of the conquistadores set foot on American soil that made him attracted by the huge wealth of the natives. The knowledge of traditional and religious ceremonies in which the Chibcha throwing offerings to their gods gave rise to the legend of El Dorado that is related to the worship of water. Gaps were considered sacred places where ceremonies were held in great splendor, during which they threw into the water tunjos (figures in gold) to give them to their gods. Among the holiest places is Lake Guatavita where took place the election of the chief of the town, when mounted on a raft of gold reaching to the middle of the lake and dived with his body completely covered in gold dust . It is also believed that when the Spanish arrived, the Indians to prevent their being despoiled of their treasures and subjected to a culture that was not that of their ancestors, their belongings were thrown from the highest hills, thus preserving their identity. Credits. Ministry of Education and National Museum of Colombia

Training for Beginners

Of course, this is the most effective form of training for beginners and coaches coaches with little experience, for example, a training manager. Occupational retraining – this is the knowledge, skills and practice. Myths, misconceptions, illusions about the training for trainers. Erin Callan understands that this is vital information. 1Proshel training – has become a business coach. The conviction that after the training you will immediately become a business coach, is a fallacy. Such programs should be regarded as a springboard to begin a long journey. 2Posle passing Training of Trainers I able to create training programs. Short and medium term training program coaches are not intended to teach you how to create a training program.

Creating a program is the most complex and far-reaching skill in of a coach who requires a special theoretical training, but it can not be done in such a lightweight format. 3 If I was coaching and I know his program, I can adapt it to the needs of client. On training completion, as a rule, graduates possess a standard set of training programs, basic level. Mistakenly assume that it will allow you to easily create programs for specific customer's requirements. 4Velikie coaches will be your great mentors.

Every beginner coach dreams of his mentor, a teacher who would guide him in the profession to the heights of excellence and glory. More than once I heard the coaches are proud to tell from whom they learned, identifying himself with the bearers of famous names. But, unfortunately, competence and a good coach and a good mentor distinct rarely coexist in one person. Most often, the so-called coaches, "brands" – singles who do not have the motivation to guide you through life. Practical advice on choosing courses for the business coach: In conclusion, I want to share the conclusions that I made when choosing a program for training, interviewing those who carry it out, and those who have already passed.