Thus, the sum of the style and the result of his work most influential people will be positively assessed. * Accordingly, it is aggressive and is assessed as healthy. Total, as sharpen their teeth and shake some muscle to your energy and was high, and effective? In what appears healthy and aggressive leaders like her again? rabatyvat? Example: Sketch a short business meeting of the party from the characteristics of the members of the NSDAP in 1934, a team-SS Fuehrer, head of the RSHA W Walter Schellenberg: "The true Aryan. Character – nordic, courageous, solid. With friends and colleagues discovered, sociable, friendly. Merciless to enemies of the Reich. A great family man. The candidacy of his wife adopted Reichsfuhrer SS.

Ties, discrediting him, did not. Magnificent athlete. In proved himself an outstanding organizer … ' Before you – the leader, a bright and energetic. To meet you – cheerful smile, a few precise questions, then you sit down and discuss your questions.

The conversation is completed, all were satisfied, He stood up and held you. * Great. Have you ever realized that he was doing with you all this time? Only a few points that lie on the surface. First, the smile he needed a welcoming atmosphere, and he created it – so thick that resist you had neither the opportunity nor the inclination. If the next time he will pick you do not smile, but seriously demanding – make sure it is the seriousness of the charge that you are instantly poserezneete well. Fast accurately and forcefully asking his questions, he found it interesting topic, and cut an unwanted subject. You ate it. * Well, it happened … You sat down when he gave you the appropriate command. * Well, not by words but by his whole body. He sat down, and you where to go? Talk: Who led the line of discussion? – He. Who asked you questions that you answered in detail? – Also he said. Who summed up? – Not you. Who repeated what he had to do now? – That you have done. Because the main trouble following the conversation are on you … How did you know that the conversation is completed? He said this view and began to climb … Even letting you forward, he made such a broad and powerful gesture that you feel whole body: the space that it gives you originally belong to him, and now you should listen to him and go where you pointed it polite. You have to it any claims? When we were subordinates strong and handsome leader, we remain satisfied. Do you want to become such a leader, a leader worthy of admiration and imitation? Sure that you want? Then you just need to start working on your leadership qualities! Experienced psychologists advise to start with the most important – with the confidence and personal power. It is dedicated to this unique course – 'Winners: The Psychology of influence', which takes place in