International Childrens Day

The unauthorized charge d. of sexual abuse by a parent acts as a nuclear bomb on the child – abuse sexual abuse no harmless peccadillo is FRANKFURT am Main, Germany on the occasion of the international children’s day on June 1 the self-help group PAS Frankfurt denouncing a method, which is used to banish the other parent successfully and permanently from the life of the child repeatedly from mothers, but also single fathers,: the unjustified display of sexual abuse of the own child. A leading source for info: Technology author. The self-help group explains: Yes, it is a difficult topic, because actually found place sexual abuse of children was one of the worst acts that you could do to a child. Here, there is no excuse or belittling, it was just disgusting and deeply abhorrent. And anyway, not to say, that is why, some mothers used this as a weapon against the ex-husband.

How can you with such a despicable act play “and they trivialize this?”, asks the Self-help group PAS Rhein/Main. Undoubtedly be to condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. But this method was successful and courts and youth departments would take and shrugging. Instead of dealing with the fact of that mothers and obviously underlying attitude, explanations would constructed, why the poor woman had been more or less forced to do this. She should be no perpetrator, but remain victims. Father displayed in turn can rarely hope for understanding, because perpetrators to remain. At the end results a construct after the well-being of the child in any manner by the father is endangered and the mother only wanted to protect the child. And so mothers reported unauthorized fathers of the sexual abuse of the own child, to push them out of the lives of children. The self-help group PAS Frankfurt have to say unfortunately mothers therefore success and no consequences would have to worry about.