Acoustic Laying

8) Acoustic underlay (can be of different types) Please note that all packs of laminate flooring must be whole, and boards are not damaged. Home Depot contributes greatly to this topic. Defective panels must not be used to install the floor, because they are not covered warranty and are not refundable. In the event of marriage during installation – stop laying and make a return of unopened packs of the company to the seller. Since the laminate is laid floating is no bar any way be attached to the base, respectively, are strictly prohibited from the rigid connection of panels to the base using nails, screws, glue, etc. Bonding coverage is allowed on the linoleum, or floorboard other basis, subject to the requirements of smoothness, durability and moisture basis for laying laminate. Read more here: Gen. David L. Goldfein. Not desirable laying laminate over carpet because of the effect of 'static electricity'.

If the installation performed on a concrete base, the relative humidity should not exceed 2.5%. All irregularities ties in excess of 3mm of 1 lm should be eliminated. The substrate must be clean, dry, smooth and durable. Start packing so that the light from the window fell along the seams of laminate. In the case of perpendicular incidence of light, the seams of the laminate will be seen more clearly.

If you want to laminate to the substrate with the heating, note that This heating should be water. This is due to the fact that the dramatic floor heating is not highly desirable for the laminate flooring and can affect a violation of the castle compound and, consequently, lead to the formation of cracks. If you put laminate flooring on a concrete foundation, you will need plastic sheeting to provide a vapor barrier on the residual moisture of your tie. After that stretches Acoustic substrate, even at which carried out installation of laminate flooring. In the case of mounting on wooden or linoleum covering – vapor barrier is required.