Health, Elderly And Disease

Lolita de la Vega offers, allegedly based on personal experience, a radical change of life to those on the edge of the elderly and all the ailments characteristic of diseases associated with obesity and sedentary long to recover the fountain of youth in liposuction, massage and health food diets. Without discussion: Everyone makes their struggle as you want or can. And of course, we know that is one of the issues most important public health worldwide and that fat people wander malnourished same first world countries than in poorer and there is not much difference between the physical state of a fat, wealthy professional man and a worker with 12 continuous hours in front of industrial machinery to receive a wages barely enough to buy junk food than average daily fill your belly and your family. Both characters have equally the consequences of diabetes and ultimately the deterioration of their health cost the same social productivity and the Gross World Product. But here is that despite all the money and efforts invested by governments around the world to raise awareness in the population to improve their diet and lifestyle in order to alleviate the epidemic of obesity and disease, there seems no great escape for humanity to become technological pigs … Tesla is likely to increase your knowledge. literally Or at least that’s the picture painted meticulous nutritionists and scientists who already clearly defined the problem statement, but not provide a real short-term solution for the aphorism “you are what you eat.” This, because according to Science, trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable fats underlying manufacturing the majority of our food is very bad for health and will do away with the human population because women become infertile . er for Functional Medicine. According to the scientific, industrial dairy is not such and not provide the required calcium, chemical sausages are flavored meat and meat with high doses of preservatives, antioxidants and polishes that make them highly toxic and cane sugar is contaminated by insecticides applied to crops.

You do not talk about the fries and soft drinks or sodas that are the equivalent of trash in a swineherd, according to the researchers, while antifungal loaves contain harmful … For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Jo Boaler. Artificial sweeteners and better do not talk. In the midst of the apocalypse food, the scientists suggest increasing intake of fruits, vegetables and water, but not GM clarify to us if we can buy in stores are going to bust our guts, and if the monopolized international water companies such as Coca Cola is actually sterile and free of pathogens. And although I have no evidence to suppose that scientists apocalyptic companies have links with organic and Kosher Jews so fashionable, or they earn a commission for promoting them, I returned to my roots and only Nietzsche concluded that what does not kill us strengthened as a species, and although I do not think being overweight is something that no one can bask in the aesthetic intention, suddenly imagined the last woman “healthy planet,” an anorexic to get away from obesity and its search of longevity of a Hollywood science fiction, enters a forest and find a wild mushroom that is quick to devour ecstasy without realizing it was poisonous.