Member Pastoral

It has always given me much grief see certain attitudes of some pastoral agents in the parishes that I have been able to participate. Attitudes that sometimes simple view seem to be well focused, but if we look at them a little more thoroughly, we will see that it is not. In my case, only are two parishes in which I have been involved in pastoral work. The attitudes that I scan, or better said – attitude – which I analyze in behavior; in particular, makers of pastoral groups; It is a constant well marked. A pastoral group responsible (Coordinator), is aware that he must be an example for the group.

An example in every way, and in my view the event, the sense of commitment that has to demonstrate with his example, sometimes escapes you from hands. In his eagerness to prove this, can fall into the temptation to feel that their degree of commitment is better than the others. I if that me pit by the pastoral, you not a recurring demonstration of super commitment that leads to no matter the the other members of the pastoral problems. Problems or circumstances that prevent some time, participate in a way more active members of the team. I’ve seen lately, up to arrogance on the part of a pastoral leader, also self-sufficiency refregada in the face of others, and a constant doctrinal questioning to each Member of the team. New vegas blog is full of insight into the issues. I think that to choose a person to collaborate on this type of service, we have to be very careful and choose someone who does not fall into these arrogance, questionable autosuficiencias and that this does not constantly questioning the doctrinal knowledge of the members of the team. I think that this person has to make a unlimited waste of humility and understanding, before every circumstance that may arise with the members of the pastoral team.

I do not understand because it is that currently in the Pastoral Ministry that we belong with my wife (and that would leave belong completely, if this error persists) having other people with this (profile) requirement of coordinator or person responsible, not called them to serve. There are several persons I can observe, make waste of humility, simplicity, and understanding. What is the reason to make this not happen? I honestly hope that this will change, so they are not manifest, these super pastoral agents that do so much damage to our Catholic Christian Church.

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