The Innocence

Reading the books ends of crimp wires that were still loose in my mental understanding and spiritual joy.After reading them I can understand that in spiritual levels everything is simplified, ultimately only we can speak of direct experience of being, and one goal, know who I truly am, give me realize that my nature is spiritual and from there, in order, with knowledge, fairness, clarity and simplicity, to live this wonderful experience that is life. I do a count of self-development of master’s degree and doctorate, my years more aware, I realize the way I have gone through the believer, the search engine and I have come to the observer, I have walked by all the visions, many long trails and how much work invested to achieve the final goal: I am the same light how simple, I say to myselfIt’s like having that diamond in his pocket, so obvious and so hidden yet found in everything and always exquisite point of the present. I know I’m going in the right direction, happiness and peace told me, begins to collapse everything created by the mind care with much zeal for years, as treasuring the most precious good. This has allowed me break, start, the freedom to be, a freedom that reached autoindagando, only to be touched by moments in attention, look at me, I leave the duality that wonderful feeling! Slowly, gently and without feeling has been established my presence, permanent awareness, observation in the details indispensable for walking attention, the result has been clarity, through patience and a work of humility. Attorney General contains valuable tech resources. Now although not want to, but suddenly not to accept it, I realize increasingly more than. And get away from the ignorance of my essence also me away from suffering and I see that I am these and it engolosina me find me with my depth, unite me with everything, I live without separation, but the books remind me: attends the equanimity, because joy that dazzles, it can also hinder, is subtly falling into the same busy point back and which many times walkedIt is to believe that you’ve finally found. But progress is stop, advance is observed with humility and attentive ingenuity; like a child that only looks like a drop of dew that moistens and shines, but not for intricate work of the mind, but for the innocence that clarifies and that fresh and transparent remains only. .

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