The Retail

The remaining 5% of our compatriots, one way or another, get things functional value of which is a tiny part of the retail price. This is the target audience of the market luxury – the modern Russian elite and its 'neighborhood'. This article is the result of the thinking by some of Russia's first fundamental marketing research luxury market, conducted by marketing agency Research quans Research this summer. In the future we will be safely resort to the definition of luxury – the reflection of the English term 'luxury', which became popular Anglicisms, because the true meaning of the word in both languages is identical: pleasure, enjoyment, comfort and bliss. The study involved 7,250 people, 1,650 of whom belong to the group with revenues of more than $ 4000 per person per month, which is the target audience for the luxury market. What is Luxury? In previous the author examined in detail the signs of the goods belonging to the category of 'luxury'.

Without dwelling on it, although to date, but have studied the issue, recall that luxury can be identified by its extreme functional 'unreliability' to meet basic needs. In addition, a luxury item gives a huge share of branded, status, or hedonistic component in its price. Primerica login will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For example, the Vertu phone has more functions modest compared with some equivalent from Samsung, but exceeds it in value by ten times, even in steel, no precious design. This vintage-a status surcharge – charge for the recognition of the owner of this character in successful community 'for his'.


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