The Same

He had grains with pus in the face and ring under the eye. Terrible a ring under the eye black that disfigured the smile to me. She was estresada and it had nervousness attacks, until forced to me to take tablets to tranquilize to me. Taking tablets to tranquilize me to the 30, to follow thus it would have had an ulcer in two years. They do not see it? I did it in self-defense and to kill it was one of the wished, pleasant and planned sensations more of last the two years. To kill it was easy. It knew how it worked, one awoke to 7, it had breakfast when one remembered and it left to the office.

It worked until the 11 and it lowered by a white coffee always to the same bar. To two it had lunch and to 4 it returned to work until 6 or 7. When it arrived at its house so was tired, generally with headache to spend so many hours in front of the computer. It did not read because it did not manage to concentrate itself, thought about everything what had slope for the following day in the office and a chill by the column entered to him that left idiot it. It did not leave to take a walk because too much it was tired, until slow.

Saturdays and Sundays if it did not have to do some work of the office it was called on to him to clean the house, to wash the clothes and to cook something for the week. It was easy to find it, every day were equal. Never nothing new, different. A life without great aspirations fit to the needles of a clock and manipulated by an hysterical, obsessive and compulsive head. Now that it fodder I did a favor to him.


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