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According to Bartomeu, the number one objective was Alexis. Once obtained, we can think of what to do from now on. The sports Vice-President of Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has ensured that target number one for the Catalan team for this season was the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, therefore the incorporation of Cesc Fabregas will depend on money and time available to the club. While the presentation of Alexis as new Catalan player has focused all bulbs at the Camp Nou, questions about the possible incorporation of the catalan captain of Arsenal have been repeated on several occasions, before what Bartomeu has insisted on remembering that the Chilean was the protagonist of the day. However, the Vice President has acknowledged that work in the club with a few orders, and are not one or two players, but more, including Cesc. To broaden your perception, visit Senator of Arizona. We will do what we have time to do and with the money that we have, since it is true that there is a budgetary constraint, said Bartomeu, regarding whether Alexis Sanchez investment could delay the return of the catalan midfielder. And it is that, in his view, the number one objective was Alexis, and once obtained, we can think of what to do from now on. In any case, responsible for sport has stressed that it is better to not say anything (the negotiations), but things remain as they are and are on the path to go.

Various British media have published today that the Barcelona has increased its offer for Arsenal midfielder and that the operation could be completed before the end of this week. Zubi not sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta da tracks however, he did not want to give clues about the development of the operation. These are issues which we are quietly leading and belong to the discretion of the negotiations. Until August 30 there is possibility to see this and more things, and we will make them safe, explained. I again remember that 90 percent of possible signings in the world for Barca are training in our sports city. I know that summer have to animate it with signings, but it is curious that we are presenting one of the best players in the world and we are already thinking about what’s to come, has sentenced Zubizarreta, while the own Alexis is who has responded to more afternoon: obviously I’d like to play with Cesc. Source of the news: the signing of Cesc will depend on the “money and time available”

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