Rome Operation

The operation would be closed between ten and fifteen million euros. The spokesman of the Board of Directors said that they are working on the negotiations. He assured that there would be possibility of repurchase the player in the future. The Barcelona has admitted that it has an offer of AS Roma by Bojan Krkic that is considering and evaluating, but in any case the recruitment is closed, as he has insisted the spokesman of the Board of Directors, Antoni Freixa. While the operation on an economic base of between ten and fifteen million euros and the possibility of including a clause of play-off, had given virtually by closed by the Roman Assembly, the Barcelona has not confirmed it.

Hardly the Roma may be closed the matter. We have received an offer, it we are evaluating and studying, but there is nothing closed, said Freixa, who in any case does not want to anticipate events. We have received an offer, we could discuss options of repurchase, which is good for their training, but today, we have received an offer and we are studying it, Freixa has insisted. In the same line that President Sandro Rosell, the spokesman for the Board of Directors has ensured the operation to recruit the chileno de Udinese Alexis Sanchez is in the imagination of many and has remembered that Barca has no custom to re-wire the negotiations, because the responsibility of the catalan club is not giving details. Therefore, Freixa did not want to speak out if Jeffren Suarez could come into operation to reduce the signing of Alexis Sanchez nor has not materialized if Thiago Alcantara are in the market or if there has been progress in terms of the operation of Cesc Fabregas.

The only thing I can comment on is that the sports management and the technical secretariat is working and the first team of Barcelona for the coming year will be how competitive that must be to respond to the expectations of our partners, he said. Freixa has said that the Barcelona feel annoying before the information offered by other clubs that might be negotiating, as in the case of the Roma or Udinese, because the Catalan entity only owns its planning. We respect the decisions of others. We are not going to give an opinion of value, has insisted Freixa, who has assured that the investment in signings continues encrypting in 45 million more sales that may realize. Source of the news: El Barca is “considering” the sale of Bojan Krkic to Rome, which “is not closed”

Black Monday

The European Central Bank (ECB) adopted a key decision on Sunday night to relieve tensions that are shaking to Spain and Italy in the markets. Hemmed by the fear of a collapse in the bags, the Agency decided the purchase of Spanish and Italian public debt in an attempt to alleviate high interest demanded by investors in the bonds of both countries. Additional information is available at Euro Pacific Precious Metals. The President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, convened an urgent videoconference with counselors at the Monetary Authority from which came the decision to actively implement the programme of buying debt from troubled countries, according to the statement released on the 11 o’clock afternoon. Although not explicitly detailed what kind of debt shall be acquired, the statement starts with a recognition of the reforms in Italy and Spain and with the conviction that it is essential to apply them to reduce imbalances, what is to say that these will be benefited by the bond-buying countries..

Time Available

According to Bartomeu, the number one objective was Alexis. Once obtained, we can think of what to do from now on. The sports Vice-President of Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has ensured that target number one for the Catalan team for this season was the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, therefore the incorporation of Cesc Fabregas will depend on money and time available to the club. While the presentation of Alexis as new Catalan player has focused all bulbs at the Camp Nou, questions about the possible incorporation of the catalan captain of Arsenal have been repeated on several occasions, before what Bartomeu has insisted on remembering that the Chilean was the protagonist of the day. However, the Vice President has acknowledged that work in the club with a few orders, and are not one or two players, but more, including Cesc. To broaden your perception, visit Senator of Arizona. We will do what we have time to do and with the money that we have, since it is true that there is a budgetary constraint, said Bartomeu, regarding whether Alexis Sanchez investment could delay the return of the catalan midfielder. And it is that, in his view, the number one objective was Alexis, and once obtained, we can think of what to do from now on. In any case, responsible for sport has stressed that it is better to not say anything (the negotiations), but things remain as they are and are on the path to go.

Various British media have published today that the Barcelona has increased its offer for Arsenal midfielder and that the operation could be completed before the end of this week. Zubi not sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta da tracks however, he did not want to give clues about the development of the operation. These are issues which we are quietly leading and belong to the discretion of the negotiations. Until August 30 there is possibility to see this and more things, and we will make them safe, explained. I again remember that 90 percent of possible signings in the world for Barca are training in our sports city. I know that summer have to animate it with signings, but it is curious that we are presenting one of the best players in the world and we are already thinking about what’s to come, has sentenced Zubizarreta, while the own Alexis is who has responded to more afternoon: obviously I’d like to play with Cesc. Source of the news: the signing of Cesc will depend on the “money and time available”

New Corporate Tax Fortunes

Diana Sanchez 20 m tax evasion is estimated at 88,000 million euros annually in Spain. 80% Of tax fraud corresponds to large fortunes and big business corporations. The Variable Capital (Sicav) investment companies are prrida by large fortunes formula to avoid paying to the Treasury. Nearly 160,000 people, large fortunes with a heritage of more than 700,000 euros, must pay the recovered tax of heritage. A small amount of people already stating, according to the calculations of the technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha), 96% of Spaniards earn less than 60,000 euros a year. Thanks to this new tax the State hopes to raise 1,080 million.

Among such big fortunes that declared a heritage of more than 700,000 euros are some of the main finance fraudsters. You can avoid the new tax that will disappoint to the Treasury? For Jose Maria Molinero, of the Union of technicians from the Treasury, Gestha, this tax will barely have impact in combating the fraud. Tax evasion annually involves approximately 88 billion euros in Spain, remember, also from the point of view of fundraising, the new tax money is little striking antonja: 1088 million euros. Also recalls Miller that 80% of the fraud corresponds to large fortunes and big business corporations which can evade paying to the Treasury through two systems, illegal one, by what would directly talk about tax evasion; and other legal, so is talk of tax evasion. But even if the big forturnas are major tax evaders, by evadido money Stud; not the only ones. More or less modest self-employed workers are also the way to defraud the Treasury, if Treasury data are taken into account: an employee declares in income tax yields of 19.359 euros, and a self-employed between 10.832 and 11.036, about 8,400 euros less on average than an employee, depending on the system you choose to pay taxes, something that, according to Gestha, is clearly a fraud.