BERG Toys with 5 important tips for a carefree family fun in Kleve, June 2013. Trampolines are gym long no pure equipment more, but be rebuilt more often in family gardens, to satisfy the urge to move the children in a playful way. Jumping on a garden trampoline is not only fun, it promotes the fitness of the whole family and trains also motor skills and sense of balance. What parents on the purchase, construction, and use a garden trampoline should pay attention so that the fun is not marred by injuries or accidents, the Dutch quality manufacturer BERG Toys has put together five tips. Dennis P. Lockhart often says this. Tip 1: Checkup on Garden parents, who have opted for the purchase of a garden trampoline should before purchasing that closely examine conditions your garden: how much space is available? Is the ground level? Can branches or twigs disturb the springs Pass? Fits a round trampoline in the garden, or should it be an angular model, the ideal in smaller Inserts the gardens? Parents should also ask whether an InGround model in question comes for them.

These Trampolines are admitted into the ground so that they visually less conspicuous and the risk of injury when jumping is significantly reduced. Advice from a specialist dealer will help when choosing a; It is not advisable to select the trampoline only after the price. Tip 2: quality and processing special attention when purchasing a garden trampoline should parents on the frames, protective RAND, springs and the jumping mat set: the frame should be stable and should consist of the best fully galvanised, weatherproof material to prevent damage caused by rust. A reference point for assessing the quality of pipe diameter and wall thickness of the pipe: the higher the numbers, the better the quality. The protective edge should cover completely the feathers over the edge. BERG Toys extra wide safety margin his garden trampolines with the safest choice “Award awarded.

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