Typically, these models allow you to connect the individual and also for takeout device, one or two additional video cameras, some have built-in video memory. At this point interface card with access outside panel designed primarily for black and white video monitors, but soon to appear relevant to the design and color models. A few words about the additional opportunities. A number of models allows you to connect an additional block of graphics memory (and some Videophones have already built the video memory). In this case, the video phone is transformed into a kind of 'videoavtootvetchik' or mini DVR – video visits can be recorded using the button, and in the absence of the owner – automatically. Later, these images can be viewed, deleted or retained.

If access to the functions of the video door must have a few rooms, you can choose models allowing parallel work of several video monitors (up to 4) additional connection audiotrubki, which operates in parallel with the monitor and performs all its functions, except for watching video. Often before they let the visitor, it is necessary not only to see it, but view the situation in other places around the corner, near the front door, in the elevator lobby, etc. You must use videomonitry, allowing you to connect additional cameras (street, hidden, body, etc.), in turn allowing you to display video from all connected cameras in the simplest described above Video door configuration is missing one very important and useful feature – opening the door to let the visitor when necessary.


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