Regional Court

The division occurs so that it does not have overload at the hands of one alone person, such situation could generate abuse of being able. Basic the state functions are three: legislative, executive and judiciary; the legislative exerts the position of elaboration of the laws with the intention of that all exerts, moreover, it has the power to fiscalize financially and administratively the acts of the executive. The responsible ones are the representatives and state and the senators. The acts carried through for these responsible ones long for definitive purposes, aiming at to the elaboration of something, solving a problem, such actions are called of process, in the case legislative process that it possesss double sensible: sociological and legal. Sociological because they are real facts that justify the elaboration of the legal law and, when an act carried through and of it is caught if a legislative act elaborates. Official site: Robert Burke. The Executive manages the State in accordance with the laws consisting of the legislative one. In its economic and social order the executive possesss pair mission: external defense and internal security.

It is of the order of the executive the government and the administration of the State. In Brazil the system of existing government is the presidentialism, thus the Executive is exerted by the President of the Republic, having with assists the ministers of State. The Judiciary Power subject jurisdictional function, that is, of distribution of justice and application of the law in case of conflict of interests the judiciary one applies the norms, independent of the legislative will of and the executive one.


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