Zakarniznaya Lights

Me as a manager and designer of the project redevelopment own apartment, it was decided (of course, after consultation with all its inhabitants!) Set in a kitchen-living room as an additional coverage light. It seemed a relatively simple affair, a situation, however, is complicated by the high ceilings in an apartment and a lack of knowledge of technological intricacies of the issue. Originally, it was necessary explore options for technical implementation of the required design – zakarniznoy illumination. After careful examination of the proposals has developed the following picture: Fluorescent lamps; Neon; led Rope; Lamps bulbs. Option incandescent dropped for two reasons.

Firstly, a significant heating temperature – thereby suspended ceiling, which was planned to establish backlight, very quickly would come into disrepair (patches, etc.). and I did not mention the very likely risk of fire throughout this construction. Second, the cost of its name has been impossible, and in our tough times each kilowatt-hour counts. Of the remaining cost-effective options for implementing planned – zakarniznoy lighting – I just do not like neon. Mainly because of the need to install long, gas-filled glass tubes, clear of fragility system inspired some fears. After studying the last two options was chosen led Rope.

He was much more convenient in terms of retention and did not ask for a high voltage (several kilovolts) as is the case with neon or fluorescent lamps. In addition, in the latter case, expansion joints could get uneven lighting. led Rope is a flexible plastic cord (often called flexible light cord), in which increments of about 2.5 cm placed LEDs. They did not warm up, for the same reason, this illumination is 5 times more economic than conventional bulbs, which we are so accustomed to. Power supply to such illumination – box a little more than a matchbox. We are, incidentally, is also used to regularly change the flat bulb, while the life of zakarniznoy backlit with LEDs, or as it is often called, led still impressive. On prices for flexible light cord desired color showed considerable scatter (when it comes to stores in St. Petersburg); prices, as always, depend on the country of manufacture and ambitions of the seller. As a result, had to stop on the led duralight Chinese production price of the light cord was 800r for 10m. In LEDs, however, have one serious drawback – very limited choice of colors glow. Most common now is the cool white color, and only recently began appearing in stores led Rope warm white glow. He is somewhat more expensive than the "cold", but the eye is more pleasant. Options with other colors (yellow, green, red) were not considered in principle. It remained to decide what to use as a ledge – it's lights. About this (as well as some finer points of installing it to stretch ceiling) – In the second part of the article.


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