Sports and sports

Sports and sports Main article: Sports in Barcelona Sagrada Familia The Mile takes place on a street circuit around the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. Port Olimpic. Barcelona is an eminently sports, both for physical activities and to see first-class sporting events. The city, which hosted the 1992 Olympics, is equipped with a comprehensive network of municipal sports facilities, coupled with private institutions, facilitate the practice of physical exercise. Recent studies citation needed Barcelona is the European city with more practitioners of sport and the second in the world after Boston (USA). Furthermore, the topography of the city, its climate, and local politics to create bike lanes has proliferated the use of bicycles as transport vehicle. Also common is the use of roller skates, especially in the Olympic Village and Old City, where there are different “skateparks.The fact that Barcelona is a maritime city also makes the sea and beaches and entertainment sport, enabling play different sports on the sand. Moreover, the opening of the Olympic Port and the refurbishment of the Old Port, in 1992, and the recent inauguration of the new marina at San Adrian de Besos, in the area of Forum 2004, has promoted the practice of aquatic sports. Moreover, the city offers the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports competitions in the street. The most popular are the Race of the English Court (with an average of 60,000 participants per year), the Carrera de la Merced, Firefighters Race, Race Jean Bouin, the Barcelona Marathon, la Milla Sagrada Fam lia, the San Silvestre Barcelonesa The bike festival, the Trans-Port de Navidad, or the Feast of the skates. Furthermore, in the summer months, various sports competitions are organized on the beaches of the City.

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