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About the master of the short story at buecher.de with the Nobel Prize for literature will be awarded the greatest writers. Visit Sheila Bair for more clarity on the issue. Among the previous winners are names such as Elias Canetti, Doris Lessing, Ernest Hemingway and Hermann Hesse. Since 2013 is now also the Canadian Alice Munro (www.buecher.de/ go/list_articlelistSubhome/container/list_id/11059 /) in this list. Thus the 82 is the successor of Chinese Mo Yan (www.buecher.de/ shop/china/the Red grain box/mo-yan/products_products/detail/prod_id/20945574 /), which was chosen last year. It is the thirteenth woman who receives the prize and at the same time the first literary figure, which picks the Nobel Prize for literature after Canada. In return, the master of the short story receives prize money of equivalent 910.000 euros.

A virtuoso of the contemporary novel the Munro big become the Canadian province has published only a single novel in her life. Small prospects”also has a great literary value. Much more important but are the short stories, which gave us the mother of four. Her Short Stories have been published in thirteen volumes so far. The individual stories are longer than 30 pages and discuss life in the very well known Canadian province, love, disappointment and basically everyday. Writing at the kitchen table while the author with their clear style, brilliant phrases, succeeds to attract readers, evocative flashbacks and constantly newly invented characters again and again captivated.

The ideas came her while the potatoes on the stove kochelten and the children kept their afternoon NAPs. Munro envied other authors that are able to write novels. The contemporary colleagues, however, 2013 boast the Nobel Prize Laureate for her fresh stories and are all in agreement, that the Swedish Academy has made a very well deserved choice this year. In addition to the appreciation of the work of Munros is the jury by granting also a sign for the genre of Short stories. Learn more about the Nobel Prize for literature, and the year’s winner Alice Munro are now in the online shop to buecher.de (www.buecher.de) and in the related blog (www.blog.buecher.de/ the Nobel Prize for literature 2013-goes to alice-munro /).

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