Massage Equipment can be approximately EUR1 thousand, and the waiting room and the administrator’s workstation, suggesting a special design and rack ‘made to order “- for EUR600. The equipment can accommodate up to 70 square meter. Total equipment and furniture will need to spend about EUR13 thousand to repair 70 sq.m room – eur 2 thousand Thus, the initial costs of establishing Salon will be more than EUR15 thousand size of your initial investment and variable costs (about EUR38 thousand in the year – see “Expenses”) as well as daily revenue (about EUR154 – see ‘Income “) and the number of working days per year (345 ), we find that the cabin will pay off about a year. Profitability after ‘the regime will be approximately 40%. how to open Joined entity (LLC or PE). * Search and decoration of the room. This phase includes the engineering expertise of the premises, verification of documents of ownership, registration of sale or rental.

* Approval of the draft with the department of architecture, a legally and ses before the beginning of construction work. * After the reconstruction – to necessary acts and conclusions in the above-mentioned organizations (the list of normative documents regulating the arrangement of space for shops, see the Business 27 dated 07.02.2001, the, p.24-27). * If you intend to make the cabin except usual hairdressing and beauty services health services must certify to the Ministry of Health all the institution or its branch, which is relevant to medicine.

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