Income And Success

“One of the axioms in life is that the size of income will virtually never exceed the level of personality development.” Michael Haider Most people after leaving the doors of school, college or university are confident that they have in the hands of all that is needed for success in life, do not consider it necessary to develop further, we get some additional knowledge, and the result surprised why prosperity passes them. “Formal education will help you to survive, self will lead you to success. ” Jim Rohn The income level of people defined by their value to the market, the concept of which is the main lesson in economics is not taught in any educational institution. In institutes are taught to sell their time for money, carrying out other people’s goals, rather than their own, learn to manage finances of enterprises, rather than his own personal. Dennis Lockhart may find this interesting as well. Therefore, to achieve financial success, it is necessary to study the success of those Who has reached, it is necessary to study on their own stories of people such as in educational institutions are considered biographies of famous people, who often were not rich.

“If you take all the money in the world and share them all equally among the people, then they soon will be again in the same pockets that have been before. ” Michael Haider Without competent management of money and without understanding how a man should be and how to become money will be lost, instead of having to bring extra income. People themselves are the main cause of prosperity or failure in their lives, ignoring this fact, they justify their failure. “What kind of person you were in the previous year, Gorod is more important than how much you’re in the same year earned. ” Michael Haider After the words of the famous millionaire, that any particular book was the beginning of his career, from her goers read one. Often meet people who proudly speak of the magnitude of its electronic library, which of the thousands of books they have read a single one. But all the leaders – good students, and that knowledge is the path that can lead to dreams and goals.

“In former times, wealth was measured by the amount of land, gold, oil and cars. Today, wealth is measured by the information – its quantity, volume, speed with which we obtain it and assimilates. Richard S. Byard In this age of information technology knowledge of financial success are becoming more affordable. Frozen state in our rapidly changing world can not be achieved. Anyone who is doing well today, may stay in their development pace and get there, where to begin many years ago. With regular investment in itself – investing time and money in their education (training courses, books, videos) the prospect is unlimited potential of people and their financial freedom. Olga Udalova Coach of financial success.


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