Learning English

HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH? N1 By Ed Ospin, author of English Aims Without Teacher It spends time: Far, the most important factor when you are learning or studying English is the amount of time who you happen practicing it or studying it. Following the time that you invest in the study and practice of the English, will depend its learning, by all means, the quality that you impose to him to the learning also is determining; many ways exist to study and to learn English, more effective than others. The key of an effective learning is in a correct integration of the learning of the four linguistic abilities: To listen to several times (5 or 6 times any content) and repeating what it is listened to aloud; I dare to say over some opinions, that this is the ability linguistic more important of all, followed of the conversation. Aloud reading the contents that study, writing through exercises or simply writing the same contents of a text, which will help to the identification of the vocabulary and structures. Taking all opportunity that appears to talk on the subjects that are learned. Relating the new words to phrases or orations and repeating them permanently.

Most important of all the previous one, it is that anyone is the activity that is being used in the learning process, will have to become of a way that really is enjoyed and it takes advantage. To listen and to read every day: The opportunities are many that must nowadays to carry out the more important linguistic ability when learning a language: listening of recordings of audio, recordings in MP3, listening of programs of radio, Internet, programs of television, and native or nonnative people with excellent articulation. A very good possibility is to read at the same time as it listens to a content.


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