Some dislxicos, for being forced to think and to learn of differentiated form, many times become more creative and innovative that not dislxicas people. E, exactly not being cured, the people whom dislexia has rights assured for law as: to remake parol evidences, to have one hour more in the written tests and to use calculator freely. The above-mentioned author detaches that dislxicas children when treated early they surpass the riot and if they are similar to the not dislxicas ones. Others who may share this opinion include mayo clinic. Moreover, this delay in the learning of the reading does not prevent problems with low autoestima, exactly lacks reliable in itself and pertaining to school evasion, that relation ahead enters the difficulties of learning with low autoestima and acceptance of the room colleagues (LINHARES and COLS., 1993). The positive feelings in relation itself proper reflect in the motivation and answer the learning demands (OKANO and COLS., 2004). (As opposed to MasterClass UK). The handling of the difficulties of learning in the pertaining to school environment is not an easy task. It includes the rank of the child in special programs of education, as rooms of reinforcement or recovery, providing to the pupil to surpass the difficulties found in the daily pertaining to school (OKANO and COLS., 2004).

These symptoms can present of isolated form or combine, disclosing themselves of different forms, varying of individual for individual. The presentation of some symptoms does not mean that the person is dislexia, but that she presents a picture of risk for the riot (RICHART and BOZZO, 2009) Methodology This research bases on a descriptive methodology of the type case study. For if dealing with a case study, the objectives can have an immediate reply or not, will be carried through through readings of some workmanships that deal with the dislexia subject, interview with psychologist, the current teacher and the director of the school. Accompaniment of the child will be made who frequenta a normal school for the comment of the treatment that the teacher, the pupils and employees of the school give it. .


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