Signed Wallet

It is as vulgarly it is said: ‘ ‘ It drips but not falta’ ‘. Another interesting point: the Brazilian colleges student? obviously that it has exceptions -, if they prepare and they dream in working in great companies, this idea comes bringing to long of the years a empreendedorismo scarcity, and consequently, the market does not obtain to absorb this number of people who arrive every year behind so longed for the vacant one of job, what she makes the economy to estagnar and the unemployment if to keep in high taxes. In developed countries, as the United States, for example, occur a bigger diversity of situations: the college student to if forming, beyond if preparing to work in great companies, also tend to mount its proper business, or still, to commercialize its endow intellectuals, thus enriching the sector of Services, and this preparation makes with that if it stimulates the empreendedorismo.

The result is not difficult to foresee: instead of occupying a rank in already saturated work market, the entrepreneur less collaborates so that if he creates vacant more of job, providing the supplied population, and that, at least theoretically, they have little access to the information and the knowledge, greaters possibilities of adentrar the work market. This certainly fortifies economy it breaks the circle? unemployment? poverty? violence? that it has very they come causing intranqilidade the people. In Bauru, we have a classic example of the benefits that can bring the sector of the Services that currently makes the local and regional economy to turn Here it is of more dynamic form that then one of the ways for our growth can be this: to also invest in the sector of Services and in the miscomprehended of the citizens. Creativity we have of surplus, is enough only that let us dare to break the paradigm of that the Signed Wallet is only the half one of if getting a worthy life that is what it deserves all human being. Ousadia, therefore, if we have ideas and conditions to execute them, we go to take off them of the paper and to look for to transform them into safe ways for that for the moment they do not have the same condition that we have, because it is as soon as we will more construct a society adjusted and with growth chance to all. Let us think about this..


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