The Mexican national football team delighted the people with a win that allows you to retake the course in the CONCACAF qualifying for 2010 World Cup, the sports press published yesterday in Mexico. With headlines like “Gozal, is for you”, the Record, “The waters at their level” of Cheers, and “walk” of this, the press in Mexico held a 2-0 lead over Costa Rica. The Cheers said, “without a lot of football,” Mexicans “deleted” some “ticos fearful,” said the first victory in the CONCACAF hexagonal, and the fact that the victory had saved the job of coach, Swedish Sven G ran Eriksson. On This highlighted that Mexico “did what he had to do-win,” said it was much higher and said that Costa Rica was a team that disappointed because it did not show the reasons why he was undefeated. The Record noted that the victory has been “reborn” to Mexico and that this has gotten into a fight for a ticket to the World Cup 2010, but stated that neither rival nor Mexico was required so much offered in the field. “No rival that require too much” and the team tricolor footballing not offered much, “the record on the Mexican triumph. Mexico’s coach, Swede Sven-Goran Eriksson, scored an important win (2-0) got his team on Saturday on Costa Rica and Mexico used the popular language to assert that he is very well with the result.

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