Shah Mehmud Qureshi

The wounded was transferred to several hospitals of the city and the security forces are investigating happened, while the authorities have declared the maximum alert status. Frequent attacks the terrorist actions by means of explosions in series are not infrequent in India and own Bombay has been object of great attacks in the past. The last one of them happened between 26 and 29 of November of 2008, when a commando of ten terrorists attacked diverse objectives like hotels of luxury, a station of trains or a center of Jewish prayer, and caused the death of at least 166 people. That one attack was attributed by the Indian authorities to the group ' Lashkar-e-Toiba' (LeT), with base in Pakistan, and it both brought about a cooling of the relations between neighboring countries. Shortly after the attack of this Wednesday, the paquistan Government condemned in an official notice the action and expressed his condolencias to the Indian authorities by " the loss of lives, the wounded and the damage to propiedades". The attack hardly arrives two weeks before the paquistan vice-minister of Exteriors, Hina Rabbani Khar, visits next the 26 of July India. governments of these two countries decided at the beginning of year to resume a process of formal dialogue " on all the asuntos" similar to that they had maintained until the terrorist assault of 2008 in Bombay, when this he was interrupted. In that one occasion also an approach between the diplomacies of both countries was taking place and the then holder of Exteriors of Pakistan, Shah Mehmud Qureshi, was of visit in India. At the moment no group has vindicated the action, although some police sources have aimed like possible people in charge of the attack at Lashkar-e-Toiba and Indian Mujahideen, something habitual in these cases. Source of the news: At least 21 died and more than 100 hurt in a chain of terrorist attacks in Bombay

Encamped Ones

They were going to try to look for a consensus exceeds how to raise the Sun encamped one. Before rain becomes rough the assembly, the commission of Legal proposed that the encamped ones went away " in one semana" , an initiative that created dissonance. In Barcelona they decide to continue spending the night in the Catalonia place. There will be a great march the 19 of June at state level. Mobilizations the 11 of June during the investitures of the mayors.

Strong rains and the storm that have fallen during afternoon of Sunday in Madrid have caused that the general assembly of the encamped ones in the Door of the Sun postpones itself until this 20,00 Monday to h. Soon after to have begun, they announced in his official profile of Twitter that the assembly was provisionally slow one hour, based on the time. Before the meeting had been postponed, they had begun to speak the commission of Legal of the camping. In her hab of " how to raise the encamped one of Sol" , they indicated from the Twitter of the encamped one, and the different proposals are mentioned: " Claiming acts, to leave meeting point, calendar of mobilizations, etc" , they add. Legal it clarified that always they are going to consider the encamped possibility of " like tool of accin" . " Legal it has proposed to go us in one week " , they continued saying from the Twitter de Acampada Sun. " There has been dissent and #AGSol by tormenta&quot has dissolved; , they added.

At the moment, one is a proposal because rain has forced to postpone the assembly in which it will struggle on this initiative, with that already anticipated some hands in high its dissonant opinion. " The encamped one is not an objective in itself " , it has affirmed before congregated the spokesman of this Commission, that has stressed that the encamped ones will not go away of the place by " agents externos" , but because consider they it. In the celebrated assembly east Sunday in the morning between the different ones encamped Spanish they have decided, in addition, the celebration of two great mobilizations: for the 11 and the 19 of June. In Barcelona they will decide this week ' indignados' of the Catalonia place of Barcelona they have approved mainly the night of this Sunday that next week they will decide the moment in that the place " nocturna&quot stops having activity; and therefore the pernoctaciones finish, although they will continue the diurnal activities so that he is " gora permanente". Source of the news: Postponed in the rain until this Monday the assembly of the encamped ones in the Door of the Sun

Qatar Investments

Also, it has censured the agreement with ' Qatar Investments' , institution of an Emirate that fails to fulfill " human rights " like " access to the vote of the women or the legal slavery of determined inmigrantes". " I would have chosen another one opcin" , there is addition. On the other hand, Benedito has lamented also what it has considered an avoidable reduction of the budget of the nonprofessional sections, " the soul of this club" , which supposes " breach of one of the electoral promises of Rosell". " If instead of reduce in 50 million they had made it to the debt in 49,6, could have saved the baseball. Craig Menear may help you with your research. If to amortize your fast mortgage you must suppress the menu of the dining room of your children, perhaps it is worth the pain to do it more little by little " , it has affirmed, advising to Rosell that confronts that indebtedness with more patience. Finally, Benedito has also criticized the ascent of installments to the partners, another one of the aspects that, in his opinion, Rosell promised not to realise, and the sale of canteranos or its use like currency of change in the market of signings has been in opposition to. In spite of critical tone of its press conference, Benedito has praised " historical temporada" of the club in all sections, and it has remembered that will only continue limiting its appearances appearance the year, as it promised after the elections. " I am not favorable to a systematic opposition or a critic constructiva" , it has stressed Benedito, that obtained a 14 percent of support in the elections of a year ago, being the second voted candidate more and only surpassed, although of incontestable form, by Sandro Rosell (61.3%). Source of the news: Benedito: " Florentine Perez must be appointed pleasing person non in the Camp Nou".