Parliamentary Committee

Convey the fun of reading as a social task today a public consultation on the subject of literacy was held in Berlin. Experts from associations and industry participated in this inventory. The Parliamentary Committee on education, research and technology assessment had invited. The expert meeting is to prepare a National Pact for literacy. Politicians and experts again stressed the magnitude of the problem: 7.5 million people in Germany are functionally illiterate. Dennis P. Lockharts opinions are not widely known. This means: you can not adequately read and write to master their everyday life. 7.5 million people, this is no small fringe group, but a significant part of our society. “Promotion of reading + reading motivation reading ability = this appalling state of affairs can be improved with relatively limited means!” Ralf Beekveldt is convinced.

He is Managing Director of the fun on the reading Publisher, which publishes the reading materials for young people and adults in simple language. Beekveldts credo: we must promote the reading pleasure, just for those who can not read. Then something may change in Germany really.” Studies show a clear connection between the joy of reading and reading skills: who likes to read, reads more frequently and how this by itself better. Motivate to read books and newspapers in simple language so the Publisher, who is also international, publishes easily readable books and a newspaper specifically for the functionally illiterate. We take seriously our readers”so Beekveldt.

We make people who read poorly, an offer on their own level. With books, which are exciting, fun and interesting.” “In basic education, especially the paper has clear & clear ‘ success. In current issues of society, politics and culture are taken up and in simple language. The short text improve the reading comprehension and promote independent language learning. And so not only better to learn reading, but also his self-confidence increases. Reading is a important building block for social integration and professional opportunities. Literacy needs social and political backing from its international work of entrepreneurs know that only social commitment and political support can make a real change. Only people with reading difficulties can read books that really interest them and which are written in simple language, we will win the fight against functional illiteracy. But we need the help of the policy. This is why books and newspapers in simple language must be urgently component of the national strategy for literacy and basic education.” Fun on the reading Publisher the name is program. “” Under the motto read for all “fun on the reading Publisher books and the newspaper published clear & clear” in simple language with a clear, appealing design. Target group of the reading materials are young people and adults who have no adequate reading skills and for the Reading is not taken for granted. Notes for editors, not for publication: more information about the publishing house under.

Black Monday

The European Central Bank (ECB) adopted a key decision on Sunday night to relieve tensions that are shaking to Spain and Italy in the markets. Hemmed by the fear of a collapse in the bags, the Agency decided the purchase of Spanish and Italian public debt in an attempt to alleviate high interest demanded by investors in the bonds of both countries. Additional information is available at Euro Pacific Precious Metals. The President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, convened an urgent videoconference with counselors at the Monetary Authority from which came the decision to actively implement the programme of buying debt from troubled countries, according to the statement released on the 11 o’clock afternoon. Although not explicitly detailed what kind of debt shall be acquired, the statement starts with a recognition of the reforms in Italy and Spain and with the conviction that it is essential to apply them to reduce imbalances, what is to say that these will be benefited by the bond-buying countries..

Latin America

In the same way we read Tenebaum, Frank, “Beyond the Nation-State”, 1970, p. 36: “… for Moreover, the emergence of multinational companies offers a practical basis for future global development. Since they are more interested in the realities of commercial and industrial service in the symbols of sovereignty, there is no evidence that it can become an effective and lasting international order taking as a center of political unity called Na tion-state. “The Republic of Argentina is a sovereign nation. The is, in a defined geographical environment, a people conscious of their target community, with a story that encourages this and pushes us towards the future. We will and determination to continue building the nation. We’ll do it slowly or quickly, but we will.

This is the same creative will that drives the brotherly peoples of Latin America. Were born almost together independent life and together we set out to conquer our training done. Latin America is much more than a collection of nations united by geography, by history, by the institutions, and faith. Latin America is a common destiny and a common enterprise of human redemption. This community that we integrate the Latin American peoples is based on a continent which is a unit in its geographical expression and its historical roots, and that also joined by a common desire of democratic realization. That reason was Don Hipolito Irigoyen, illustrious President of the Argentines, who said that “men are sacred to people and nations are sacred to people.” The relations with the neighboring countries of Latin America must be taken to a plane full identification, particularly as it relates to neighboring countries.