TC eMap is a tour planner module in the transport and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO ® The carrier or for any freight forwarder can offer the route can be calculated. By country highway kilometers and the total distance of the relation be calculated. If necessary, there is also the possibility to add stages to optimize the route. To illustrate the chosen route in a digital map is displayed graphically. The displayed map is variable in size, the integrated zoom feature allows for magnification of the card right up to 20 meters. In this way, the various “points of interest, as seen, for example, gas stations, service stations, restaurants, hotels, car parks, train stations and shops, well. This helps the dispatchers, the detailed route planning. It also offers “TC EMAP” the opportunity to travel and ancillary expenses (such tolls, for example) for the selected ratio to calculate. Within seconds, the result is a good basis for thePrice negotiation with potential business partners. TCeMap draws its maps of Map24, the well-known route on the Internet.

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