The Perfect Glass For Wine

Wine is not like wine. Choosing the right wine for a dish requires quite a bit of flair, by many wine lovers, this is not applicable to a science. Where we need not go to serve wine in style and enjoy it, but the choice of wine is not the final step on the way to enjoy – including the choice of wine glass is of considerable importance: the right wine glass does not bring the wine only from an aesthetic perspective to bear, but also leads to the best possible development of his tastes and fragrances. Generally, a wine glass should be bell-shaped and have a stalk so that the temperature of the wine is not affected by the heat of your hand. The best way to serve the noble drops in a transparent, coarse and thin-walled glass, which is more than half filled, so the wine can develop by waving his bouquet. The shape of the glass in the ideal case underlines the specific taste of the fact that the wine will be accurately guided to the area of the tongue, where the bestTaste buds are located – as is the sense of sweetness on the tip is greatest for acidity on the border of the tongue, bitter is perceived on the posterior tongue region. Recommended for white wine glasses are generally smaller than red wine because it is cooler drunk, the glass can be emptied before the contents are heated too much. In contrast, for a heavy red wine is quite large, bulbous glass recommended, so that his space is rich bouquet to unfold. Lover of a dry wine, choose a glass with upwardly tapering shape, since it will make the predominant taste sensation on the tongue background. In a rather sweet wine or a young wine, still containing a lot of acid, a slightly flared glass opening to support the perception of sweetness. Now, do not despair, not who has the right for any purpose glass in the cupboard: The Leisure recognize a good wine even in the standard glass.

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