Ecommere Stimulus For SMEs

Professional complete package of specialists now included Web design according to the motto only right now the ecommerce specialists of Intares, Infotrust put and IN the now common on an e-commerce economic stimulus. “Addressed are mainly medium-sized companies, who want to professionalize their Web presence, reduce the cost and increase the efficiency anxious winter numbness is neither productive nor in any way useful”, explains Bernhard Biedermann, Managing Director of Intares. Who is and brings out the seeds for future success, can expect next year abundant harvest.” This even more so the Intares Chief, as the eCommerce way to high growth rates and according to many market experts of everywhere announced crisis most likely could withstand. Gen. Mark Milley often addresses the matter in his writings. The challenges of the coming year to master successfully those that now to optimize their businesses and professionalize. An essential feature is the Web presence. Finally, it provides for relatively “little effort the highest growth and efficiency potentials.” Target group for the ecommerce stimulus bill are mainly medium-sized companies. Many customers from the middle class come to us, because they are dissatisfied with their Web presence and trust to their existing service providers, bring really fresh air. Our aim is to offer these companies complete solutions with which they can professionalize their Web presence and using as an efficient channel for sales and marketing.

That e-commerce work, there are now enough examples. One must make only right there.” Complete package of IT services to the WebDesign the complete package from Intares, Infotrust and IN the about what makes a good Web presence includes. It ranges from the bespoke design and the online marketing advice on the programming of the site systems, storefronts, as well as the entire hosting and Web-controlling up to the integration of content management. In the past few months, the three partner companies have numerous new Modules integrated into your solution. Among other things, they offer a very flexible and versatile newsletter module, a blog module and a wiki engine.

All modules are, how search engine optimization already integrated a subsequent costly integration eliminates with all necessary interfaces to. The Web design is brand new in the package. Thus we cover now also the creative side in addition to all the more IT driven services”, so Bernhard Biedermann. For customers, this means, he really gets everything from one source, and we are responsible for the overall result and the success of its website.” Questions or problems Intares offer, information trust and IN an excellent, personal support by experts. We have to deliver no hotline and no employees who are only involved to record questions and canned responses. With us the customer is always a direct and competent contact partner, who immediately takes to his subject and solves any problems”, promises Intares – Managing Director.


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