Labour Administration

Carlos Mora Vanegas Enterprises today need to be kept secured by a management who can properly interpret the requirements that must be taken towards the resources that make it up and give way to powers favor, especially given the competitive challenges that presents. In this regard, Professor Chichi Paez said that when the organizational culture has reached its maturity cycle, therefore, the chief executive, as the lower-ranking employee know-for sure-work-oriented skills which should be further developed in detail order to perform the work in a more appropriate and professional and, of course, with high performance. This high performance is achieved through the implementation of a development program whose foundation is the promotion of conscious and unconscious learning, which, finally, is essential for improvement of companies' human capital. Unfortunately in the case of Venezuela, especially SMEs, have neglected the importance, role represents the development of human resources and skills that have been ignored in favor of an operation that will guarantee competitiveness, participation, development, satisfaction of demand. Chichi insists that the experience in learning organizations (learning) reaffirms that you can use a number of techniques to ensure the best skills in workers. These may include the following: a) courses, workshops, conferences and training within and outside the workplace b) development of practical situations (simulations assisted by the computer or without it) c) individual counseling and training center work d) peer support and guidance with extensive expertise; e) meetings where requested responses from customers f) identification of performance indicators or using the tool of benchmarking (a technique used to benchmark performance of a system or component of a system) g) training supported and / or assisted, ie, allow the employee to perform their work in other units of the organization or in other companies h) training and development committee i) implementation of skills development programs. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nicholas Carr has to say.

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