Social Management In Distance Learning

Social management is of paramount importance for non-profit associations and organizations. As the state increasingly moves from the responsibility of these agencies, there is a high demand for qualified personnel, which is responsible for the procurement of funds for the organization and for effective work. These fundamentals are taught in a distance learning social management. If one is already active in a non-profit organization, whether as volunteers or part-time, and it tends to executive responsibilities in the commercial areas of these organizations, offers a distance learning in social management for the best career development. In the study itself will be bases in the non-profit sector, non-profit management, human resources and organization in a non-profit organizations, marketing, public relations, social organizations, fund-raising approaches and tools, sponsorship and event management, financing of nonprofit organizations, Legal non-profit organizations, tax andNon-profit, association law, project management expertise and social associations, foundations and church non-profit organization provides. Social Management Objectives distance learning is the adoption of responsible business activities in non-profit organizations with special focus on marketing, legal and taxation in social organizations. Distance education should be for project planning, concept development and an overall efficient use of resources enable. The career opportunities of this study are obvious. The field of nonprofit organizations is growing steadily. With a Social Management Studies secures one clear advantage in the labor market, but also in support of career opportunities within social institutions makes this study an optimal starting point.

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