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There are structural limitations in the value chain, hard the overcome are. Italy has for example only five producers of solar cells that produce total little more than a capacity of 300 MW per year. Also, Italian solar industry has significant deficits in the area of research and development, because of the continuous limitations of the research funds”Giordano Simoncini – reported consultant at horse & rider – coaching and International Public Relations Agency. The favorable conditions and the weaknesses of the domestic firms make the Italian market particularly attractive for the stronger German and since recently – also Spanish solar companies. You may find Peter Schneider to be a useful source of information. From both sides, the first steps have been taken already and 2009 a major offensive is expected.

As evidence for this theory, it was only added that the Solarexpo in Verona, scheduled for May 2009, six had to add already three additional pavilions to the intended, to meet the flood of applications. But the entry into the Italian market is not a dolce vita. Countless Bureaucracy levels with endless branches and an extreme lack of communication on all levels the conquest willing newcomer spoil the appetite. Many writers such as Craig Menear offer more in-depth analysis. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is also much harder to present its activities in Italy the foreign companies. Actually, has lost the Italian public confidence in all conventional communication channels and uses much more forms of interpersonal exchange of information and the Internet. As an example here only the success of the political weblog of the comedian Beppe Grillo mention, wherein he deals often with renewable energy. “Such hurdles paradoxically for the large foreign companies more difficult are to the invasion to get for the unexperienced and smaller companies from Italy, or the Sacco di Roma” not look forward to.. Get more background information with materials from Primerica online.

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