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Companies are divided into two camps: some cutting workers, and others are buying up the wonderful experts on the cheap and think that they are lucky. "The crisis – a new opportunity to get experience, broaden horizons," – say their managers and give an example of one of her clients, an experienced PR-specialist, who lost her job because of the crisis, but three weeks later found a new, changing industry and almost lost in salary. And the winners were two sides: the company has acquired a specialist high-end for which could not count to the crisis, and people not only found work quickly, but also had the opportunity to gain new experience I recommend to those who lost their jobs because of the crisis, especially the highly specialized professionals "First, evaluate your experience and try to understand what other areas you can find a use experience and knowledge. Second, consider the full range of proposals, not to abandon the interviews are not very well-known companies. Carefully collect information on all employers, especially how it is potentially stable companies. And the third – to temper their expectations on wages.

" Use all the resources in the whole job search process in times of crisis is always the same: "polished" resume, hone your interviewing skills, and strengthen all the links. The latter is particularly important. Rely on yourself, internet, friends, and recruiters. In companies there is always positions that are not displayed. "Suitable work often can be found by using their connections and word of mouth '- say experts.

Post your resume on some free boards on the internet, advertise in newspapers and on local radio, just surf the net in search of jobs, and have fun at the same time drawing horoscopes, straining their friends, etc. The main thing – do not despair, and all is well! And the reason for dismissal even Do not be fooled, because your skills and professionalism remain with you. If you cut out of the crisis, we feel ashamed and hide there's nothing, do not cut you like a specialist, your job, not just yours. The only thing I would not advise to speak during the interview – this is incorrect behavior of a former employer during the reduction, which happens quite often. It is better to avoid a negative. If you wish to insure, then Follow my advice and stock up on the recommendations of former employers and partners. If you only have to decline, then a must "hack" legally, to be clear about the procedure and monitor compliance with employer obligations. In addition, the contact personnel of the company, its employees may recommend you to partner organizations and recruiting firms, which they cooperate.

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The value of corporate gifts Corporate gifts, directly or indirectly improve the microclimate of the team, and this leads to such positive effects, such as:-forming the subordinate sense of loyalty and trust company-emergence of a synergistic effect when the employee, not even having a high potential, yet is a great advantage at the expense of psychological comfort and well-coordinated work in a team; -Emergence of corporate traditions, improving the image-management company, to form a positive attitude among the staff;-forming effective relationships management – subordinate. Today we can say that the concept of corporate gifts is a legitimate part of corporate culture. The choice of corporate gifts for the female half of the team is no secret that the team is made up of men and women. Each of these groups has characteristics and preferences. Corporate gift for women – is, above all, attention from management and the whole company. Originality corporate gift, timeliness, and refinement will help the fact that women in the group will feel psychologically comfortable and get positive communicative charge.

Women prefer gift, filled with deep meaning, carrying a message. Corporate gift can and must conform to these features. Our company as a corporate gift for women suggests using a variety of teas and organic coffee beans, plus original dishes for making tea and coffee. Each variety of tea has its own characteristics, so each employee can offer exactly the brand of tea, which is close to the temperament of the employee. All this can be arranged in the form of small congratulatory text.

This corporate gift will emphasize individuality and is a good sign of attention. Choose varieties of tea for a corporate gift, please click here. The choice of corporate gifts for men half of the team esprit de corps men close and familiar. Many of them have an army, are the hunters, playing football and other group games. For men, a corporate gift – this is an important part of their production life. When choosing a corporate gift for the male half of it should be noted that most of the men rational and preferable for them to be useful gifts, but on the other hand, men are not deprived and vanity. Therefore, we propose as a corporate gift for men to use the tea and coffee, who preferred well-known personalities (such as Chinese emperors or famous writers) that will emphasize their importance for the company and on the other hand, the use of such teas and coffees, which are the most toned body, it underscores the rationality of the gift and will contribute to good health of the male employees. In conclusion I would like to stress once again that corporate gifts – not just gifts. This is a factor contributing to corporate culture, and, therefore, a factor contributing to the development and prosperity of the company.