The Formation Of Professional Associations In Spain

Discussions are ongoing in the sector a subject of great importance for the future of the same: the licensing with mandatory assignment by professionals. The debate between philosophy or interest and the legal field to be integrated in the sector. This paper aims to shed some light on the matter taking into account the questions, most were made by industry professionals, and always abide by, in case of conflict, that the latter interpretation lies with the courts and tribunals, although the analysis of doctrine and judgments about it, to posit answers to some questions that have been formulated. And what differentiates a Business Association of Professional Association? Association “N BUSINESS COLLEGE ADSCRIPCIa” N MANDATORY Freedom Constitution Act created a private nature Membership Corporation for Public Law No mandatory voluntary Assignment Represents exclusive representative for its exclusive recognition rate legal representation Corporation Recognized as Public Law No professional qualifications required (unless you establish an Association)

Professional qualifications required of the profession Exercise untitled mandatory and voluntary association of year of the profession and regulatory clearance under the Statutes of the College organization and representation Organization of private interests and representation of public interests and private business may only be employers and employees Fits These are the distinctive features though of course, have other common interests as the representation of professional groups or the fact that structuring a professional group. And why a particular sector opts for the establishment of a professional body? What are the advantages of licensing? First, a sector can opt for a voluntary school assignment or compulsory. It is obvious that the voluntary nature of a college not what a difference too Partnership and lose some of the positive connotations of the colleges that have mandatory before the Public Administration.

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