The Son

human life requires care, the fragility and vulnerability of this high dependence condition requires a large investment of energy, require feeding, but not only in terms of food, but emotionally , physics, and contact information. The son who comes and appears in the life of couples, is a singular event, sometimes comforting, others less so, yes we finally decided to have them, we must assume responsibly and constructively. No child is to blame for my decisions … or of our decisions as a couple … it is therefore necessary to give all the elements for this infant to have a life full of resources so that over time, flies with its own wings …

motherhood and fatherhood is socially considered unbeatable value and indeed it is, but nobody tells us about those days when we were together the night the day, because the baby or the baby has colic, spent a day filled with tears and milk does not sit well … One thing is what we say and quite another is the reality. As far as the relationship partner referred the baby is a third party who interferes in the relationship of two. That does not mean that we love, not what we want or do not want it simply marks a transformation of life as a couple. It seems that when their children appear in the psychology of the couple, everything changes, and it is right, you need to change because the conformation of the couple, now has a member that requires care and attention.

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